(Fat) Body Liberation &
Anti-Diet Culture

Learn more about body positivity, fat positivity, battling anti-fatness,
calling out diet culture, and living an anti-diet life.

This page includes some of my favorite books, articles, organizations, social media pages, etc. that focus on Radical Body/Fat Acceptance & Liberation

My Approach to Fat Liberation

Let's have a conversation. You feel often as if your body, your food choices, your movement isn't GOOD ENOUGH to be "healthy," "fit," "desirable," "beautiful," "attractive," etc...

Guess what? Those internalized ideas come from the messages, systems, and situations we've been exposed to since we were young! 

And you don't deserve to take up so much 'brain space' with that shit. 

Let's break down those narratives and deconstruct what it actually means to be 'healthy,' desirable,' and to live a life filled with pleasure & radical self-love for your body, the food you eat, and the way you move through your day! 


Let's dance it out with Ragen

Fat Liberation: Dismantling Anti-Fatness

Orgs/Groups supporting Fat Acceptance/Liberation: 

Anti-Diet, HAES, & Intuitive Eating

Boston area:

  • This list of local HAES/Intuitive Eating dietitians/nutritionists

Other Resources

Providence Area:

  • CSPH (Center for Sexual Pleasure & Health) - offers support, resources, training, and therapy related to sex & sexuality