Gender Affirming Surgery (GAS)

Assessments, Letters, & Other Affirming Documentation
Serving Trans & Nonbinary Adults in RI & MA

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​Are you seeking a gender affirming surgery (GAS) referral letter from a behavioral/mental health clinician?

Or another form of gender affirming documentation?

  • Click the link below to share more information about where you are in the process and see if it makes sense for us to move forward.


General Surgery Resources:

Seeking hormones or a letter of referral for surgery?

Plume - Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy by trans and nonbinary providers. Monthly membership rate ($99), including the cost of labs. Many states, the list is growing.

Also, they provide gender surgery assessments (free for members, $150 for non-members)

General Surgery Resources for all genders:

Brave Space LLC Surgery Planning Guide (2016)

Surgery Resources for trans men, trans-masculine, and gender nonbinary people:

Hudson’s Guide

Trans Bucket (images of surgery results) – search by procedure and surgeon

Yahoo Surgery Groups (2) – here and/or here

The Transitional Male - photos, surgery info

Informative Gires Guide to Lower Surgery (UK-created in 2015)

Metoidioplasty: surgery guide, youtube discussion (uppercaseCHASE1), & animation of the procedure (2017)

Phalloplasty: Surgery guide, youtube discussion (uppercaseCHASE1)

Surgery Resources for trans women, trans-feminine, and gender nonbinary people:

Vaginoplasty: Animation of one technique

Informative Gires Guide to Lower Surgery (UK-created in 2016)

Trans Roadmap

Conway Comprehensive Guide

List of surgeons