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Change & Challenge in 2021 + Top 10 Themes of my Work

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I’m not a fan of the New Year, New You saying, though I appreciate moments of looking back and reflecting on the wonderful moments, as well as the challenges.

SO MANY FEELINGS...excitement, anticipation, uncertainty, gratitude, overwhelm, joy, plus the good kind of stress with the less good physical impacts of stress on my body.

Just a few of the professional shifts I've made in the past several months:

These changes allowed me to offer higher quality and accessible care, support other clinicians, and move toward the balance I had been craving in my personal life.

Here are some of the incredible results so far:

  • Further shifting to an economic justice sliding rate model, including offering free gender surgery assessments (Galap in MA & RI)

  • Clinically: individual support for 4x as many incredible humans; self-compassion/shame resilience series; partnered with colleagues for a Queer Fams-Giving event; and offered referral support & suggestions to dozens of community members.

  • Consultation & training provided to 40+ providers, including a gender surgery assessment/letter writing workshop.

  • Flexibility to take care of a new pup, who is about to be 10 months old!

  • Attending to my body & brain, including moments of gender euphoria, dancing, so much laughter, and lots of board games.

Things I'm looking forward to in Winter/Spring 2022:

  • Offering a Jan 2022 advanced gender surgery training for providers, with optional 5 CEs

  • Registration is opening soon for a) a trans & nonbinary group for self-compassion & shame resilience, as well as b) a body liberation offering.

  • Delegating and asking for help in the areas that are not my strength so I can be more present.

  • Continuing to strengthen a sustainable, fulfilling, and justice-focused private practice & business.

This year has been hard in many ways, and I am so grateful for the change. I love my work, especially diving into gender, racial, and body liberation every day. And I love me enough to continue balancing.

Ideally, I'll be expanding on the list below in an instagram post,

but for now, I'll leave you with...

The TOP 10 REPEAT THEMES that came up in my work this year:

  1. You're ALWAYS worthy...of connection, respect, validation, & self-nurturing.

  2. It is OK to feel what you’re feeling, even if what you’re feeling doesn’t feel OK.

  3. “Too much” or “Not enough?” According to...whose voice? which ideal?

  4. Perfectionism is NOT THE SAME as striving for personal excellence/goals.

  5. The world caters to bodies & brains that are neurotypical and non-impaired, ‘muting’ that which it doesn’t understand.

  6. T/trauma often lives in the body and impacts how we relate/attach to others.

  7. Avoidance & numbing behaviors are not ‘good or bad.’ What is the function?

  8. Someone else’s discomfort with your comfort feeling & expressing emotions and setting boundaries is NOT YOUR STUFF.

  9. Intent versus impact. INTENT VERSUS IMPACT. Intent versus impact.

  10. What is your WHY? Which value connects with the most meaning in that moment?

What do you need to nurture your brain, body, & heart in this very moment?

Thank you for your encouragement & patience.

~addyson (they/them)

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