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Professional Services
clinicians & providers

especially geared toward those who serve the trans community &
those who are pursuing gender liberation

NEW Group for Trans-Affirming MH Providers who are Intermediate-to-Advanced!

Monthly Fridays, beginning March/April 2022. More info & registration here!

Supervision, Individual & Group Consultation (Booking Info Here)

  • queer & trans affirming care; gender surgery assessments; letter writing; navigating as a white queer/trans/nonbinary provider; liberation-focused, justice-informed, & trauma-informed clinical work as a white provider; fat liberation & supporting your clients recovering from diet culture & fat stigma

Trainings, Workshops, & Intensives

- See detailed offerings below


Making Therapy Affordable for TGNB People

Podcast: Starting a Counseling Practice with Kelly & Miranda of Zynnyme

I did a thing, y'all! Did not quite expect this to come of the conversation...

but super excited to be sharing my very first podcast interview!

Kelly & I chatted about so many things: navigating the transition out of full-time college counseling work; discovering Tiffany McLain's Money Sessions podcast (specifically episode 73 with Shawny*); finding community & business coaching at just the right time; adjusting my schedule, rates, and business structure to meet my mental health & physical needs; shifting toward an economic justice tiered rate model to offer accessible care; & how my personal & professional life has changed in the last year since leaving my full-time work and letting go of student loan forgiveness.

Also, for anyone seeking more info about creating an economic justice sliding scale/tiered rate model, I was initially inspired by the work of Alexis Cunningfolk (see link here & here), and also learned about ride free fearless money (link here) as well! 


Shame Resilience through a Lens of Trans Liberation

(Intermediate-to-Advanced via zoom)

Offering through Affirmative Couch

2 CEs - Attend Live or View Recording

Live option: Thursday, 7/14 at 4:30PM EST

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*Full - possible openings Fall 2022*
Trans-Affirming Clinician Consultation Group

(Intermediate-to-Advanced via zoom)


- You work with the Two-Spirit, Trans, and Nonbinary (2STGNB) population and maybe you’re one of the only providers in your setting who is trans-competent, and/or you are the person who is seen as the 'expert.'

- You want to further reflect on body, gender & racial liberation for trans affirming care, in a space that offers growth and reflection with accountability that doesn't involve shaming. 

- You're newly licensed, just starting private practice, feeling isolated, and/or you just want more connection with trans-affirming clinicians and/or those with lived experience, beyond the trans 101/basic affirmation level. 

- You struggle to identify resources and recommendations that might be helpful for your clients or you have a hard time finding 2STGNB trainings that take the content to a more intermediate or advanced level. 

- Many of your trans & nonbinary clients struggle with low internal sense of self-worth, shame triggers and trauma-related relationship struggles, and difficulty practicing self-compassion. 

When: 90 min once a month on a Friday afternoon (time TBD between 11-4PM EST) via Zoom secure platform. *If a 2nd group is added, will offer a different Friday or a different time on the 4th Friday. Primary Group Tentative Dates: Likely the 4th Friday of the month starting in March. 2nd group possible alternate: same dates above with different time TBD between 11-4PM EST. Or possible first Fridays starting in April. 

Cost/Commitment/Size: Plan to attend for 6 months, with 1-2 months notice if discontinuing so we can put out feelers for a new person. All 6 dates announced in advance, changes only if all can attend. Cost for 90-min: Econ justice rates - 100 (sponsor) - 90 (actual) - 75 (discounted). Charged monthly unless discussed otherwise. If miss a group, can apply toward cost of a 30-min or 45-min 1:1 consult (at tier 1 rates). Size: 4 minimum to start; 5-6 ideal; 7 max (not including addyson) 
If you’re interested in more information or to register, check out this doc:


2nd Offering in Fall 2022 Coming Soon!
Trans-Affirming Training
For MH Providers/Clinicians

For providers & clinicians who serve the trans community and

are interested in gender, racial, and body liberation.


  • You work with the Two-Spirit, Trans, and Nonbinary (2STGNB) population and want to provide accessible access to medical care & surgery referrals.

  • You've been trained on the basics of providing surgery assessments and/or letter writing. 

  • You feel confident providing basic assessments and hope to expand or get a refresher.  

  • You want to know a bit more about the most common procedures, risks, and aftercare considerations.  

  • You want to further reflect on gender & racial liberation in the assessment process, as it relates to gatekeeping, binary assumptions, trans-negativity, and the impact of oppressive systems.  

  • You have a hard time finding 2STGNB trainings that take the content to a more intermediate or advanced level.  

  • Other trans surgery trainings you've attended have felt too 'medical' for you to figure out what is most helpful to know as a behavioral/mental health provider.

If these resonate, you might be interested in learning more about the most common procedures that you'll be asked to write letters for, understand psychological and other risks/complications that clients might worry about, as well as aftercare considerations. You can learn how to approach the assessment from a lens of gender & racial liberation, hear case examples, see sample templates for various procedures, and explore questions related to common challenges and barriers. 

For MH providers who write letters of referral for trans & nonbinary people.

RECORDING now available

Watch through end of February 2022. (originally filmed on Fri, 1/28 from 11AM - 5PM via Zoom). Recording available on Vimeo. 

Register to receive access to the recording, as well as option for 5 CE credits: 


Professional Consult Booking

**Now scheduling consults via calendly!**

  • Options: 15-min, 25-min, and 50-min

  • For who: providers, clinicians, organizations, or others who serve similar populations

  • Purpose: e.g., you have a client you'd like to discuss, questions about providing affirming care in one of my specialty areas, and/or need a more gender referral letter reviewed.

  • Cost: My consultation rate is charged at the beginning of our meeting: Rates are based on an economic justice scale.


Trainings/Workshops Coming Soon (TBD)

Project Section Subtitle

Race & Gender Intensive for Trans Affirming Clinicians

Image by Edgar Chaparro

For white clinicians who are hoping to further their racial & gender liberation work

Must have trans 101 basics, as well as have done antiracism groundwork.

  • Structure/Timing TBD. 

Coming Spring 2022!

Self-Compassion & Shame Resilience for your Trans Clients

Image by Tim Mossholder

A discussion with experiential exercises & case examples.

Likely a 2-hour live webinar - Expands on this writer's prior self-compassion training. 

Coming Spring 2022!

I approach my trainings, workshops, and other services with a lens of awareness, intentionality, humility, and acknowledgement of the shoulders on which I stand, those which my ancestors trampled upon.


Trainings & Workshops

gender affirming surgery flyer with continuing education credits

Advanced GAS (Gender Affirming Surgery)

through a Liberation Lens

Surgery Info, Psychological Risks, & Aftercare Considerations

For Clinicians, Providers, Educators, & Administrators

For Higher Education Clinicians/Staff/Faculty

Helping trans and gender nonbinary students feel more respected & affirmed.

  • Trans Ally Common Missteps (Basic Rights Education Fund) PDF

  • Family Acceptance Project: Supportive Families, Healthy Children: Supporting Students PDF

  • - Best Practices for Supporting Trans Students PDF

  • Developmental Pathways to Trans Inclusion on College Campuses (ACPA – PDF

  • MA Trans Political Coalition: Serving Trans and GNC Students in Schools PDF

  • Mad Maps for Oppression: PDF

Clinician Guidelines, Research & Reading

Treatment Standards, Models, & Decolonization Considerations

Gender Affirming Care Guidelines

  • A Clinician’s Guide to Gender Affirming Care - Chang & colleagues (book)

  • APA Trans Care Guidelines

  • Trans Health Guidelines @ UCSF

  • Boston - Fenway Health Trans Care

  • WPATH Standards of Care Version 7

Understanding Gender & Minority Stress

  • National Center for Trans Equality Discrimination Survey

  • Cathers (2018) Spectrum Model of Sex, Sexuality, & Gender

  • Gender Minority Stress & Resiliency Model (GMSR; Testa et al., 2015)

    • See also: Suicidal Ideation in Transgender People: Gender Minority Stress & Interpersonal Theory Factors (Testa et al., 2017)

Decolonizing Gender & Moving Toward Liberation

  • Singh - Ted Talk

  • Singh, A. A. (2016). Moving from affirmation to liberation in psychological practice with transgender and gender nonconforming clients. American Psychologist, 71(8), 755–762. 

  • A zine about decolonizing gender

  • decolonizing trans/gender 101 - b. binaohan (book)

Training in Gender Affirming Care

Including the basics of affirming care, focused topics, & surgery assessment

A range of topics for mental health & medical providers:

  • Coming again Spring 2022: A discussion group about race & gender. For white clinicians who work with the TGNB community. 

  • Fenway Health Advancing Excellence in Transgender Health (offered every fall in Boston)

  • Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conf (through Mazzoni every summer) - a professional track + free community track

  • The Affirmative Couch: Training in LGBTQIAKP+ topics – more focused and advanced webinars + articles, e.g., self-compassion in young trans adults, minority stress & resilience, intersection of fat & trans, maintaining hope during Covid-19, etc

  • WPATH Global Education Initiative Courses – US & Worldwide trainings (note: WPATH has some problematic history related to representation of trans BIPOC in their leadership + training)

Surgery Assessment Focused:

  • *COMING again in Spring 2022*- I am offering an advanced surgery-focused training with particular attention to power dynamics for cis and white clinicians. Stay tuned, and reach out for more info.

  • Best practices for mental health providers in providing gender affirming assessments for surgery referral letters. Free Webinar (45 min). Created by Sarah Eley, LICSW at Fenway Health.

  • The Gender ASSET by Cold Meier St. Amand, PhD - an extensive course (includes workbook, CEUs, & PDF docs) - Note: This training is somewhat dated with a more extensive assessment process than what is typically clinically indicated for adults, but still excellent material!

  • Note - more focused surgery trainings are also offered through the Fenway Health and WPATH trainings as well, though typically offered in conjunction with the larger conference.