Referral Resources

For therapist search, including trans affirming services.

For Marginalized Communities

Referral options for low income, BIPOC, and other marginalized communities.

Clinicians who value social justice and provide inclusive & culturally competent services:

  1. Inclusive Therapists - Clinicians are approved for membership - asks extensive questions related to a therapist's approach with marginalized populations as well as their work on anti-racism. 

  2. Therapy Den - Clinicians sign statement that they are affirming of all marginalized communities and asked to respond to a series of questions related to work with marginalized communities.

Low Income/Sliding Scale/Community Mental Health Services:

  1. Open Path Collective - Access to treatment between $30-60 (+ 1x sign-up fee)

  2. For trans/nonbinary surgery referrals: Galap 

  3. Boston Area

    • Denovo - they offer legal assistance & low cost (sometimes free) counseling for low income folks and others impacted by violence, poverty, and refugee/immigrant experience

    • Neighborhood Counseling - Takes multiple insurances, including Mass Health

For BIPOC seeking Clinicians of Color:

  1.  Innopsych

  2. Therapy For Black Girls

  3. Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation

  4. National Queer & Trans Therapists of Color Network

  5. Boston-Area Clinicians of Color

LGBTQ+ Affirming:

  1. Out Care Health - Search by location

  2. Boston, MA-Area LGBT Friendly

  3. Providence, RI-Area LGBT Friendly

NOTE: For Trans & Gender Nonbinary Competent clinicians, please see below.

For Trans & Gender Nonbinary Affirming Care

Note: Most of these sites do not vet providers who request to be listed. Providers self-identify as trans affirming, but I cannot speak to the actual competence of those who are listed. They also do not indicate providers who have anti-racism & social justice competence.

  1. Trans Care Site- maintained by Fenway Health in Boston

  2. RAD Remedy Referral Database - Thorough questioning of providers requesting to be added.

  3. World Professional Association of Transgender Health (WPATH)

  4. Plume - Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy by trans and nonbinary medical providers. Monthly membership rate ($99), including the cost of labs (does not cover rx cost). Many states, the list is growing.

    • Also, they provide gender surgery assessments (free for members, $150 for non-members)

  5. Galap - offers free gender affirming surgery assessments, though limited in many states and depends on clinician capacity.

Location-based Resources:

  1. Near Providence, RI: Thundermist Health & Open Door Health (no mental health services yet)

  2. Near Boston, MA: Fenway Health (must be primary care patient to access services); Livewell Therapy Associates in Back Bay

General Therapist Search

For both in person & telehealth treatment.

  1. Zencare - a good resource with a decent selection of therapists depending on your location. It offers a more thorough overview of a clinician’s work, as well as a video/office tour.

  2. Thriving Campus - for college & university student populations

    • Tufts University students

    • Check with your university to see if they use Thriving Campus

  3. NASW Match - You can be matched through the NASW social work referral match program - they will take basic info from you and match you with a local therapist who takes your insurance

  4. Note about Psychology Today - Though this is a common source of therapist listings and is a good fit for some who have limited treatment options, this company has a history of problematic content in their magazine and blog. For this reason, I have chosen not to list my profile on this site.

  5. Local Referrals

OK with post-pandemic telehealth?

  1. ihope - offers telehealth only via video sessions, and they take most insurances 

  2. Better Help - a telehealth company that offers care for approx $50/week and has unlimited text/phone/email/video care. ​