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Resources & Referrals

Please feel welcome to browse the following resources & referral suggestions that have been compiled.

Please excuse any incomplete pages as this website is still in development. 


For trans & nonbinary people

For Black, Indigenous, & People of Color

Surgery-related for trans & nonbinary people

Impact of colonization in trans work

Fat/Body Positivity + Anti-Diet

Addressing anti-Blackness & white supremacy

Vulnerability & Shame Resilience

Resources & Recommendations

Referral & Therapy Match Websites

For anyone providing support & care

Articles, Presentations, Training, & Blog

My Upcoming Offerings + Other Resources

Seeking Referrals?

If my practice availability, financial structure, and/or clinical experience/approach/expertise does not meet your needs, please refer to this list of potential alternative resources. 


  • Have you looked through my upcoming groups & workshops?

    • It's a great way to connect with others experiencing similar struggles, get a sense of my style as a facilitator/clinician, and get started on some of the goals you have for yourself.

  • Did you know that I offer supportive consultation/coaching?

    • This is usually 1-3 meetings that help identity alternative resources, problem-solve, and short-term coping support while you connect with next steps (e.g., seeking a specific list of recommendations/providers with potential openings; help to find out your insurance benefits or connect with low-cost services; manage symptoms short-term while waiting for an appointment in the future; and pre-gender-affirming surgery support, preparation).

  • If you need a gender-affirming surgery letter, I am able to provide those assessments without ongoing counseling.

    • More info here. You may also decide to search for other clinicians who offer accessible assessments. ​

Please continue reading below for additional referral search tools, options for marginalized communities, and additional recommendations. 


General Referral Resources

*Note, if a listing is location-specific, it means you may need to be located in that state at the time of your appointments to access services. Some clinicians may be licensed in multiple states.

For Marginalized Communities

The following options focus intentionally on offering services in line with justice values, serving marginalized communities, and/or clinicians who are reported to be competent in various areas of identity affirmation.

Therapist Search Lists

  • Inclusive Therapists - Clinicians are approved for membership - asks extensive questions related to a therapist's approach with marginalized populations as well as their work on anti-racism. 

  • Therapy Den - Clinicians sign statement that they are affirming of all marginalized communities and asked to respond to a series of questions related to work with marginalized communities.

  • - This list is maintained by a colleague, offering dozens of resources, including therapists who have active availability on the last few pages

  • ​ - lgbtq+ affirming provider "rainbow list" 

  • Radical Mental Health Collective of RI has a waitlist + other resources: (RI)

Low Income/No Insurance/Sliding Scale/Community Mental Health Services:

  • Open Path Collective - providers sign up to offer low-cost treatment for $30-60 per appt. ​​(When I have low-cost openings available, they will be listed on this site)

  • For trans/nonbinary surgery referrals: Galap - I'm on here also.

  • MA & Boston Area

    • Denovo - they offer legal assistance & low cost (sometimes free) counseling for low income folks and others impacted by violence, poverty, and refugee/immigrant experience

    • Neighborhood Counseling - Takes multiple insurances, including Mass Health​​

  • RI specific: ​

    • Thundermist Health

    • Lifespan Development

  • MA specific: ​​

    • Fenway Health (Boston)

    • Neighborhood Counseling (Somerville)

    • Cambridge Health Alliance ​

Group Practices

  • Group Practices (some insurance accepted)

    • ​ (MA)

    • (RI)​

For BIPOC seeking Clinicians of Color:

  1.  Innopsych

  2. Therapy For Black Girls

  3. Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation

  4. National Queer & Trans Therapists of Color Network

  5. Boston-Area Clinicians of Color

LGBTQ+ Affirming:

  1. Out Care Health - Search by location

  2. Boston, MA-Area LGBT Friendly

  3. Providence, RI-Area LGBT Friendly

NOTE: For Trans & Gender Nonbinary Competent clinicians, please see below.

Other types of services that might meet your needs or be of interest: 

For Trans & Gender Nonbinary Affirming Care

Note: Most of these sites do not vet providers who request to be listed. Providers self-identify as trans affirming, but I cannot speak to the actual competence of those who are listed. They also do not indicate providers who have anti-racism & social justice competence.

  1. Trans Care Site- maintained by Fenway Health in Boston

  2. RAD Remedy Referral Database - Thorough questioning of providers requesting to be added.

  3. World Professional Association of Transgender Health (WPATH)

  4. Plume - Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy by trans and nonbinary medical providers. Monthly membership rate ($99), including the cost of labs (does not cover rx cost). Many states, the list is growing.

    • Also, they provide gender surgery assessments (free for members, $150 for non-members)

  5. Galap - offers free gender affirming surgery assessments, though limited in many states and depends on clinician capacity.

Location-based Resources:

  1. Near Providence, RI: Thundermist Health & Open Door Health (no mental health services yet)

  2. Near Boston, MA: Fenway Health (must be primary care patient to access services); Livewell Therapy Associates in Back Bay

General Therapist Search

For both in person & telehealth treatment. Note: I cannot speak to the potential quality of these resources and their ability to connect you with providers that provide affirming, competent care with experience, awareness, and cultural humility in their work with marginalized communities.

  1. Zencare - a good resource with a decent selection of therapists depending on your location. It offers a more thorough overview of a clinician’s work, as well as a video/office tour.

  2. Thriving Campus - for college & university student populations

    • Check with your university to see if they use Thriving Campus

  3. NASW Match - You can be matched through the NASW social work referral match program - they will take basic info from you and match you with a local therapist who takes your insurance

  4. Note about Psychology Today - Though this is a common source of therapist listings and is a good fit for some who have limited treatment options, this company has a history of problematic content in their magazine and blog. For this reason, I chose to remove my profile from this site, though it is a fairly popular listing directory.

  5. Additional Local Referrals not mentioned above:

OK with post-pandemic telehealth?

  1. ihope - offers telehealth only via video sessions, and they take most insurances - CBT focused treatment


My website continues to be in progress and subject to changes.

Please feel free to notify me if any links do not work accurately.


For Trans & Gender
Nonbinary Adults

Please see this page with extensive information related to the gender affirming surgery referral process and resources that might be helpful.​

Community  Resources

General Resources

Boston Area:

  • For trans-masc support: Compass -  first Thursday every month, from 7:00-9:00pm

  • Groups for TGNB tweens, adolescents, young adults, and adults. Varying time/day depending on group - $40/session (scholarships available). Contact: or here for more info.

  • Group for TGNB people in their 30s & 40s. Tuesdays @ 5:30 - $60 + sliding scale. Contact: for more info

Providence Area:

  • CSPH (Center for Sexual Pleasure & Health) - offers support, resources, training, and therapy related to sex & sexuality

Mixed Resources

Name Change Resources

  • Remove your "dead name" (i.e., legal//designated name) from your own personal search browsers with this Chrome extension

Voice Therapy/Speech & Language Pathology - Please see an extensive list of resources at this link:

  • Telehealth & Online resources

  • Providence & RI resources

  • Boston & MA resources

Social Media & Other Online Resources: see this page 

The work of Alok V Menon @alokvmenon on insta or their website has info too!

@aidamanduley, @thefatsextherapist, @neurodivergentrebel & @queerneurodivergence, @heydrsand

(NOTE: If you come across a link that has incorrect information or is no longer active, please let me know so that I can fix or remove. Also, some of these vary in terms of when they were last active or updated, and therefore might also contain outdated terms that could potentially be triggering. )


For Allies, Friends, & Family

A Better Understanding & History of Gender

Item Subtitle

Intersections at Racism & Decolonization

Trans is a historically white construct. Anti-racism is crucial.

  • A zine about decolonizing gender

Friends & Family Resources

Item Subtitle


Recommendations for ALL

Books, Websites, & Social Media

Please note that if you come across any problematic writing, images, or other content from the recommendations I share, I am always open to feedback and suggestions.


For Art Therapists:


  • MTPC (Massachusetts Trans Political Coalition) - sign up for their newsletter

    • Guidelines for name change in MA + many other resources

  • Boston Area - The List - Boston's Queer Agenda - sends monthly event listings, classifieds, and housing newsletters + Facebook page

Social Media Accounts

List Body


Anti-Racism & BIPOC Support Resources

I believe it is my responsibility to engage in anti-racist work and activism against systems of white supremacy and anti-Blackness as they interact with myself and other white people, the BIPOC community, and larger systems. Below are resources I've found helpful in that work:


Near Boston

  • BMen Foundation - for Black men, queer & trans inclusive, toward healthy masculinity

Helpful Resources

Educate Yourself


(Fat) Body Liberation &
Anti-Diet Culture

Learn more about body positivity, fat positivity, battling anti-fatness,
calling out diet culture, and living an anti-diet life.

This page includes some of my favorite books, articles, organizations, social media pages, etc. that focus on Radical Body/Fat Acceptance & Liberation

My Approach to Fat Liberation

Let's have a conversation. You feel often as if your body, your food choices, your movement isn't GOOD ENOUGH to be "healthy," "fit," "desirable," "beautiful," "attractive," etc...

Guess what? Those internalized ideas come from the messages, systems, and situations we've been exposed to since we were young! 

And you don't deserve to take up so much 'brain space' with that shit. 

Let's break down those narratives and deconstruct what it actually means to be 'healthy,' desirable,' and to live a life filled with pleasure & radical self-love for your body, the food you eat, and the way you move through your day! 


Let's dance it out with Ragen

Fat Liberation: Dismantling Anti-Fatness

Orgs/Groups supporting Fat Acceptance/Liberation: 

Anti-Diet, HAES, & Intuitive Eating

Boston area:

  • This list of local HAES/Intuitive Eating dietitians/nutritionists

Other Resources

Providence Area:

  • CSPH (Center for Sexual Pleasure & Health) - offers support, resources, training, and therapy related to sex & sexuality


Self-Compassion, Vulnerability, & Shame

I am a certified Daring Way™ facilitator, based on the vulnerability & shame research of Brene` Brown.
I also incorporate a lot of self-compassion work based on the research of Dr. Kristen Neff.
Note: These researchers (unfortunately consistent with most psychological research) have some work to do related to social justice, anti-racism, body liberation, and the gender binary.

coming soon

This is your resources section. You can use this space to publish relevant tips about therapy, new trends in psychology and legal resources for your visitors. Informational articles can be a great way to position yourself as an authority in your field, and keep your visitors engaged.



Don't see what you need?

 Inclusive Therapists might be a great website to search further for clinicians who are culturally competent, inclusive of all identities and bodies, and interested in serving marginalized communities.