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Virtual groups & workshops  
Fall 2021 & Spring 2022

- Gender Affirming Pre-Surgery Support Space
- Radical Body Acceptance for Gender Dysphoria
- Radical Body Acceptance for Fat/Body Diverse
- Self-Compassion & Shame Resilience


For Trans & Gender
Nonbinary Adults

Please see this page with extensive information related to the gender affirming surgery referral process and resources that might be helpful.​

Community  Resources

General Resources

Boston Area:

  • For trans-masc support: Compass -  first Thursday every month, from 7:00-9:00pm

  • Groups for TGNB tweens, adolescents, young adults, and adults. Varying time/day depending on group - $30/session (scholarships available). Contact: ldubelicsw@comcast.net or here for more info.

  • Group for TGNB people in their 30s & 40s. Tuesdays @ 5:30 - $60 + sliding scale. Contact: ben.kudler.licsw@gmail.com for more info

Providence Area:

  • CSPH (Center for Sexual Pleasure & Health) - offers support, resources, training, and therapy related to sex & sexuality

Mixed Resources

Name Change Resources

  • Remove your "dead name" (i.e., legal//designated name) from your own personal search browsers with this Chrome extension

Voice Therapy/Speech & Language Pathology - Please see an extensive list of resources at this link:

  • Telehealth & Online resources

  • Providence & RI resources

  • Boston & MA resources

Social Media & Other Online Resources: see this page


The work of Alok V Menon @alokvmenon on insta or their website has info too!

@aidamanduley, @thefatsextherapist, @neurodivergentrebel & @queerneurodivergence, @heydrsand

(NOTE: If you come across a link that has incorrect information or is no longer active, please let me know so that I can fix or remove. Also, some of these vary in terms of when they were last active or updated, and therefore might also contain outdated terms that could potentially be triggering. )


For Allies, Friends, & Family

A Better Understanding & History of Gender

Item Subtitle

Intersections at Racism & Decolonization

Trans is a historically white construct. Anti-racism is crucial.

  • A zine about decolonizing gender

Friends & Family Resources

Item Subtitle


For Clinicians, Providers, Educators, & Administrators

For Higher Education Clinicians/Staff/Faculty

Helping trans and gender nonbinary students feel more respected & affirmed.

  • Trans Ally Common Missteps (Basic Rights Education Fund) PDF

  • Family Acceptance Project: Supportive Families, Healthy Children: Supporting Students PDF

  • LGBTcampus.org - Best Practices for Supporting Trans Students PDF

  • Developmental Pathways to Trans Inclusion on College Campuses (ACPA – Napavalley.edu) PDF

  • MA Trans Political Coalition: Serving Trans and GNC Students in Schools PDF

  • Mad Maps for Oppression: PDF

Clinician Guidelines, Research & Reading

Treatment Standards, Models, & Decolonization Considerations

Gender Affirming Care Guidelines

  • A Clinician’s Guide to Gender Affirming Care - Chang & colleagues (book)

  • APA Trans Care Guidelines

  • Trans Health Guidelines @ UCSF

  • Boston - Fenway Health Trans Care

  • WPATH Standards of Care Version 7

Understanding Gender & Minority Stress

  • National Center for Trans Equality Discrimination Survey

  • Cathers (2018) Spectrum Model of Sex, Sexuality, & Gender

  • Gender Minority Stress & Resiliency Model (GMSR; Testa et al., 2015)

    • See also: Suicidal Ideation in Transgender People: Gender Minority Stress & Interpersonal Theory Factors (Testa et al., 2017)

Decolonizing Gender & Moving Toward Liberation

  • Singh - Ted Talk

  • Singh, A. A. (2016). Moving from affirmation to liberation in psychological practice with transgender and gender nonconforming clients. American Psychologist, 71(8), 755–762. 

  • A zine about decolonizing gender

  • decolonizing trans/gender 101 - b. binaohan (book)

Training in Gender Affirming Care

Including the basics of affirming care, focused topics, & surgery assessment

A range of topics for mental health & medical providers:

  • Coming again Spring 2022: A discussion group about race & gender. For white clinicians who work with the TGNB community. 

  • Fenway Health Advancing Excellence in Transgender Health (offered every fall in Boston)

  • Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conf (through Mazzoni every summer) - a professional track + free community track

  • The Affirmative Couch: Training in LGBTQIAKP+ topics – more focused and advanced webinars + articles, e.g., self-compassion in young trans adults, minority stress & resilience, intersection of fat & trans, maintaining hope during Covid-19, etc

  • WPATH Global Education Initiative Courses – US & Worldwide trainings (note: WPATH has some problematic history related to representation of trans BIPOC in their leadership + training)

Surgery Assessment Focused:

  • *COMING again in Spring 2022*- I am offering an advanced surgery-focused training with particular attention to power dynamics for cis and white clinicians. Stay tuned, and reach out for more info.

  • Best practices for mental health providers in providing gender affirming assessments for surgery referral letters. Free Webinar (45 min). Created by Sarah Eley, LICSW at Fenway Health.

  • The Gender ASSET by Cold Meier St. Amand, PhD - an extensive course (includes workbook, CEUs, & PDF docs) - Note: This training is somewhat dated with a more extensive assessment process than what is typically clinically indicated for adults, but still excellent material!

  • Note - more focused surgery trainings are also offered through the Fenway Health and WPATH trainings as well, though typically offered in conjunction with the larger conference.

Recommendations for ALL

Books, Websites, & Social Media

Please note that if you come across any problematic writing, images, or other content from the recommendations I share, I am always open to feedback and suggestions.


For Art Therapists:


  • MTPC (Massachusetts Trans Political Coalition) - sign up for their newsletter

    • Guidelines for name change in MA + many other resources

  • Boston Area - The List - Boston's Queer Agenda - sends monthly event listings, classifieds, and housing newsletters + Facebook page

Social Media Accounts

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