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Virtual groups & workshops  
Fall 2021 & Spring 2022

- Radical Body Acceptance for Gender Dysphoria
- Radical Body Acceptance for Fat/Body Diverse
- COMING SOON/TBD self-compassion workshops for Spring 2022, and possible recurring support spaces & workshops for trans & nonbinary adults!


"When we speak we are afraid our words will not be heard or welcomed. 

But when we are silent, we are still afraid. 

So it is better to speak."  

~Audre Lorde


I'm addyson.

m. addyson tucker, Psy.D.


Licensed Psychologist

pronouns: they/them/theirs


Telehealth for adults in RI & MA​

Doing clinical work since 2008

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You often hear a voice saying, you’re “NOT ___ ENOUGH,” with waves of pressure to fulfill societal ideals and expectations of success based on your appearance and identities. You’ve been feeling awful emotionally and physically, including more relationship tension and lack of motivation to get things done.

You’ve tried to set boundaries when others say and do hurtful things, yet it feels like you’re asking too much. It’s hard to open up to your friends and partner(s), because you don’t want to be a burden. Other therapists don’t ‘get it,’ as if they already have assumptions about your experience before you even meet for the first time. Your instinct is to pull back to protect yourself, but you already feel so alone and isolated. 

You’re painfully aware of the ways you and your body don’t fit in, and how others perceive you. Whether you’re a person of color, trans or nonbinary, body diverse, etc., you hold multiple lived experiences as you navigate each day. It is exhausting to try to embrace who you are and what is happening in your life. 

You want to be kinder to yourself, move through difficult moments, and break down messages about who you should be, how you should act, present, feel, etc. You want to work with someone who is authentic and intentional, with a healthy dose of humor and playfulness. And you deserve to work with a therapist who values your lived experience and can hold space for your history, identity, needs, and desires.


I’m addyson (they/them). I work with adults who don’t feel like they belong, especially those with lived experiences of navigating racial, gender, and body barriers. I’m here to help you with radically embracing all of your identities that don’t fit inside the normative box, whether you are B.I.PoC, trans or nonbinary, fat or body diverse, neurodivergent, etc. 

Some identities that impact my experience in the world include being a queer, enby (i.e., nonbinary) femme who is neurodivergent with a small fat body. I’m also white, (temporarily) able-bodied, educated, and have financial privilege.

My hope is for you to feel safe and validated throughout our treatment, especially in moments where things feel overwhelming and painful. I expect that we will hold each other accountable and work at a pace that involves some ‘gentle nudging’ (and 100% consent!). As one client shared, it is “priceless” to have a safe place to process things when you are at your lowest. 

Together in treatment, we will explore those self-critical and shame-inducing messages to find a balance of holding the pain and difficulty, while continuing to find moments of pleasure, hope, and affirmation. You’ll learn to recognize what happens in your brain and body when something gets triggered, and have the skills to set solid boundaries, communicate more effectively, and navigate daily life and your emotions without ‘falling to pieces' as quickly.

Continue below to learn more about my areas of specialty: trans and nonbinary affirmation; racial healing & liberation; radical fat/body acceptance; & self-compassion/shame resilience.


Let’s help you begin healing and learn how to hold the hard stuff with a clinician who will gently challenge you to work toward your goals. I thrive when I’m supporting adults at the intersections of gender and sexuality, race and ethnicity, fatness and body diversity, and neurodiversity.

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