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Megan Tucker PsyD

Affirming & Wholehearted Psychotherapy

Licensed Psychologist in RI & MA

- Anti-racist & Gender Affirming

- Advocate for Body, Trans, & Black Liberation

- Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator

AVAILABILITY: I unfortunately do not currently have openings for ongoing counseling. Potential availability for gender surgery assessments & consult/supervision/training.

Trans folx: If seeking a surgery assessment/letter, please inquire for availability.

Power and oppression play a significant role in the lives of people with marginalized identities. I have particular interest and expertise working with the queer, trans, and gender nonbinary community related to concerns such as gender and sexuality affirmation, building self-compassion and improving self-worth, and addressing concerns in interpersonal relationships. It would be an honor to help you on your journey of personal growth & change!

I appreciate working with people who are ready to take a closer look at themselves and their interactions/relationships with others. We'll focus on where you're at and what you need, while helping you make connections and fostering insight for change. I will approach treatment with respect for you, your history, and your identities.

In addition to clinical work, I offer supervision, consultation, and training for providers who work with trans adults on topics related to the following: young adults/college students, gender affirmation, surgery assessments, managing fatphobia, and topics related to intersections of whiteness, anti-racist work, and serving QTBIPOC (i.e., queer, trans, Black, Indigenous, people of color)

*Please excuse my site as it is a work in progress*


Series for white clinicians who work with the TGNB community

  • *3 Spots Remain*

  • 4-session, monthly 90-minute discussion

  • Please see full flyer online

  • Registration Link

  • Post-masters/doctoral welcome

  • Intermediate to advanced clinicians


Series for clinicians who work with the TGNB community

  • 2-Part training up to 8 CEUs

  • Please see full flyer online

  • Registration Link

  • Post-masters/doctoral welcome

  • Intermediate to advanced clinicians


Are You Seeking Resources or Referral Information?

I have compiled a variety of resources  linked here.

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About Me

Doing clinical work since 2008.
Practicing in RI & MA.
Telehealth only at this time.

I identify as a queer femme white cis woman(ish) - she/her/hers pronouns.

Clinical Psychologist (Doctoral) + Masters in Counseling & Human Services.

Services provided include: 

  • General psychotherapy for stress, anxiety, depression, relationship concerns

  • Specialty with queer, trans, & gender nonbinary adults

  • Gender affirming surgery/treatment referrals, as well as letters for name change, safe passage, etc.

  • Supervision for clinicians hoping to improve their trans competence

  • Training & consultation for clinicians, providers, leadership teams, and higher ed faculty, staff, and administrators 

Professional interests include:

  • Education, discussion, and activism related to anti-racism, trans liberation, challenging heteronormative discourse, and fat/body liberation

  • Building relationships through training and consultation with local trans affirming clinicians & providers


"When we speak we are afraid our words will not be heard or welcomed. 

But when we are silent, we are still afraid. 

So it is better to speak."  

~Audre Lorde


What next?

Interested in a gender eval, affirming therapy, consultation, training, or supervision? 

Let's connect briefly via phone/email and talk more about how I might be able to help.

Since I work full-time in addition to my small practice, I often have very limited openings. However, I always work to fit in gender affirming surgery assessments. 

If you are concerned about finances and/or I do not take your insurance, let's have a conversation.

Please complete contact form below. (Note - the progress flag image below was created by Daniel Quasar Digital Designs.)


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Rhode Island & Massachusetts




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