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'History has its Eyes'

Standing on the Shoulders of those who came before...

There is a significant harmful impact of white supremacy and anti-Blackness through the history of psychology and mental health care. This shows up in the current mental health field, diagnosis, and insurance-based behavioral health care. All of the work I offer, support, teach, share, and utilize to support my client and other professional work stands on the shoulders of indigenous, Black, and people of color ancestors whose religious beliefs and practices, cultural values, and ways of navigating the world were cornerstones of the ways they lived their lives, and often the ways they were later persecuted, made invisible, and were often appropriated and colonized by white and European settler colonizers. 

I believe that clinicians have a responsibility to call out problematic history, acknowledge the work that needs to be done, and actively work to create more accessible, culturally competent, and power/oppression/marginalization aware practices. That also includes pushing back against licensing bodies, psychological associations, insurance companies, and gatekeepers who set the rules. I strive to understand the history of the concepts, constructs, skills, and theories I reflect on and educate others about, as well as those I practice in my own day-to-day life personally and professionally.

Someone once reflected that there is no original content when it comes to white people. I hold space for that truth, while also acknowledging the responsibilities I hold: 

  • to spread the word about the history of these silenced voices

  • to bring to light historically indigenous constructs that have been co-opted by white supremacist systems

  • to always reflect on the impact of historical, intergenerational, and present-day trauma, anti-Blackness, trans-negativity, and fat stigma as they relate to my work, my client’s history and experiences, and my attempts to educate and train other professionals. 

  • to offering various services and resources that increase awareness and support of organizations, individuals, and systems that are 'doing the work' consistently and long-term to break down our colonized history, own our own part, and DO BETTER.

If there are ever ways that my work feels harmful, is inaccurate, takes from another without crediting their work, capitalizes on their work in another way that feels exploitative, or a resource I have shared, promoted, or created does not fall in line with that work and those values, please let me know. You may also provide feedback or suggestions for alternatives I might consider, especially if the resources will support the work of communities that have been historically oppressed, marginalized, and subjected to silencing & violence.


Behind the Scenes

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